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Born during the pandemic Moi (pronounced mwah like the sound of a kiss) began with the vision to help women kiss themselves. Moi, French for "Me" aims to help all women embrace self-love and self-care while living through the most stressful period of modern history.


Based in Brookfield, our woman-centered clinic specializes in tailor-made, results-driven beauty treatments. Modern Outpatient Image offers our clients a variety of extremely safe and effective non-invasive innovations aimed at fat reduction, muscle development, cellulite reduction, and skin rejuvenation.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, we aim to increase self-love in all that we serve. We believe, love should not hurt especially, self-love. We believe beauty should free of major risks or pain. So we fully embrace "No scalpel. No stitches. No scars!".


Moi is the "me" in Me-time, with our relaxing, non-invasive, fat reducing, anti-aging spa treatments. Modern Outpatient Image is the intersection of beauty and modern innovation. We put safety first, and stay abreast of the most effective techniques and latest treatment developments. 

Become an Ambassador

Are you a beautician, aesthetician, MUA, nail tech, or personal service provider in the Milwaukee Area? Would you like to receive free body sculpting, discounted services, and an opportunity to advertise your services to our clients?


We want to hear from you! We provide all of our Ambassadors with:

  • Free monthly body treatments.

  • Referral bonuses.

  • Additional discounts on products and services. 

  • Ability to earn additional free treatments.

  • In clinic advertisement and referrals.

Become an Ambassador today and start receiving free treatments tomorrow! 

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