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Moi Scan

What Is the Moi 3D Body Scan?

Moi Scan is the only thing you will ever want to use to measure your body composition. It uses non invasive technology to recreate a 3D image of your body while identifying your body measurements, your fat, muscle, and bone percentages. Moi scan is so advanced it can even differentiate between your subcutaneous fat and your visceral fat! 

One of the best features is there are no xrays, MRIs, dye or any other potentially hazardous energies or substances involved. With Moi scan you will get the most accurate body composition measurement and health assessment you can get without exposing yourself to harm.

Doctors and scientist have agreed for many years now that the BMI model is outdated and is not a reliable system to predict disease. The reason they reached this conclusion is because they know the scale only tells PART of the story. When dealing with obesity and other weight related diseases, your percentage of VISCERAL (the dangerous fat) vs subcutaneous fat, muscle mass, and bone density have a much more significant impact on your health assessment than your mere weight. So actually knowing these values is imperative for anyone who is really concerned about improving their health or adopting a new healthy lifestyle. 

Currently there are only a few ways to obtain this information accurately:

  • MRI

  • CT scan

  • DEXA scan

All of these methods are usually thousands of dollars PER scan, impractical, and inaccessible to the average person. All of these methods also expose you to harmful radiation in the process of assessing your body composition. A 3D scan with Moi Scan on the other hand is quick, harmless, and affordable.

Why Do I Need this?

Nothing Else Can Do This!

Moi Scan


A New Tool To Measure Progress

Many of the changes to our bodies through spa treatments or intense workout plans, do not always show up on the scale. Even worse, when working out sometimes you may actually GAIN weight due to your muscle growth.


Muscle growth is GREAT and the goal of most fitness enthusiast but, when you are trying to lose weight it can be discouraging to see the scale go up.


When getting fat loss treatments, pictures do not always tell the complete story. Also the inches you lose rarely make a significant impact on the scale. No more guessing if your treatments or workouts are effective! 

Whether you are working out to achieve muscle gains or you are receiving fat loss treatments, Moi scan is the best way to determine your baseline of where you started and how you are progressing.

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