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What We Offer

3D Body Composition Analysis 

If you want to see progress you must assess! With our 3D 360 degrees body scanner, we can measure your subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and muscle mass, No more being tricked by the scale! 

Not only does it measure the most important elements of your body composition, it provides a health analysis to help guide you in your lifestyle choices. 

If you are working with a personal trainer or just working out on your own, this is an excellent tool to monitor your progress and identify your areas of improvement. 

styku before and after-1_edited_edited_e

Full 3D 360 degree body scan

Cryo Lift

Whether you want to turn back the hands of times and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose skin, Cryo Lift is the answer. 

Cryo Lift, like Cryo Lipo Sculpt, uses cold technology but its temperatures are set specifically to promote vaso-dilation and rapid constriction to stimulate collagen production. 

This can result in smoother younger looking skin. This also causes the pockets that cause fat dimpling to relax and smoothen out. 

3 facials sessions.jpg

She looks 20 years younger!

More treatments coming soon

We will soon offer  Cryo Liposculpt+, MAGicShape, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and RF skin tightening and fat reduction.

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All cutting edge non invasive treatments

Cryo Lipo Sculpt

Drop your quarantine 15 and get summer time fine before the summer is over, with Cryo Lipo Sculpt. Cryo Lipo Sculpt is a revolutionary fat freezing treatment that is highly effective and can have your stubborn fat gone FOREVER.


More effective than ultrasonic cavitation, more effective than other fat freezing methods, with less time and no painful suction.

Cryo Lipo Sculpt has been compared to receiving a relaxing massage but with fat loss benefits. 

2 slimming, give photo credit to _core_nutrition_wellness (1).jpg

After only 2 sessions!

Magic sculpt

Do you want beach body abs but don't have hundreds of hours to dedicate to the gym? Do you already work out regularly but have plateaued with your core development? Perhaps you are postpartum and unsatisfied with your muscle tone and diastasis recti. MAGic Sculpt can address the aesthetics of all of these issues.


MAGic Sculpt is the latest in magnetic muscle training. By utilizing very strong magnets, MAGic Sculpt is able to target specific muscle groups in a specialized pattern by causing extremely deep supramaximal involuntary contractions. These contractions are so deep and powerful that they cannot be replicated by any form of exercise you can perform at the gym. One session of MAGic Sculpt is equivalent to 40,000 situps!

At Moi, we combine this device with a specialized technique designed by a world class personal trainer to target the ENTIRE abdominal area,. No other provider does this.  

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All cutting edge non invasive treatments

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